Sonntag, 12. Januar 2014

Planning Palestine

Continuing last year’s walk on the “Abraham Path”, northern part, I will walk the southern part in February. My schedule is written down below. 

Hamze, November 2012 in Remscheid
My friend Hamze Awawde from Dura near Hebron will accompany my on the way, and maybe bring along some of his friends. Hamze encouraged me with a lot of advice for my first trip, I am glad to have him around on my second!

I also invite people along the way to join me for a mile or more. I will write so some of them individually - but maybe others will just join by chance, like last year.

Here is my schedule:

Sunday February 9, Train Cologne (7:55) – Frankfurt, Flight to Tel Aviv (arrival 15:15), Bus to Bethlehem, meet Michael Awad from Siraj-center, who managed all the details of my walk, last year, stay at night in a hotel 

Monday February 10, Bethlehem / Artas to Teque with a guide from Siraj-center, staying at night with a family in Teque (in former days “Tekoa”, the city of prophet Amos)
Tuesday February 11, Teque to Rashayada, down into the desert near the Dead Sea (with the help of GPS-Data provided by Siraj-center), staying at night with a Bedouin family in their tent
Wednesday February 12, Rashayada to Bani Naim, staying at night with a family there
Thursday February 13, Bani Naim to Hebron, staying at night in a hotel or with a family

Friday February 14, visiting Hebron, graves of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, visit (if Hamze and I get a chance) Jewish settlers, staying at night in a hotel or with a family
Saturday February 15, Hebron to Dura, Hamze’s place, staying at night in Hamze’s house
Sunday February 16, Dura to Jerusalem, Bus Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (start 16:15), flight back to Germany (arrival Cologne 22:05)
As to the GPS-Data - I will have them downloaded on two or three different electronic devices. I already used them last year, they work like the navigation system in a car.

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