Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

Home for Christmas (End)

They are all gone, leaving Christiane and me an an empty and silent house. As always this silence is a joy, but would not be whithout the memory of children that we can love without restriction and look upon with pride.
Alle sind wieder fort und lassen Christiane und mich in einem leeren und stillen Haus zurück. Wie immer ist diese Stille eine Freude, aber sie wäre es nicht ohne die Erinnerung an Kinder, die wir ohne Einschränkung lieben und mit Stolz betrachten können.

Boxing Day was ended with a gathering in my brother's house. Two of my three sisters were there, seven of my eight nephews and nieces, boy friends, girl friends, in total 24 people.
Der zweite Weihnachtstag ging mit einem Treffen im Haus meines Bruders zu Ende. Zwei meiner drei Schwestern waren da, sieben von meinen acht Neffen und Nichten, Freunde, Freundinnen, alles zusammen 24 Leute.


Claudia hat gesagt…

How wonderful to read all your Christmas posts, and to meet your family and friends. Thank you for translating. Your text and photos are priceless. What a great group of people you are. I truly admire your heart-warming ways to celebrate Christmas.

I think I saw you at the piano? I also play. Apart from having been a Registered Nurse for nearly 40 years, I also taught music to a few students, mostly older people who never had the chance to learn when they were young. Music is such a great comfort for the soul. Also very entertaining.

I'll come again. My best wishes to you, and yours.

Christian Runkel hat gesagt…

Claudia, yes, we all make music, and I play te piano (mainly Jazz and Pop).
Thanks to you my english Blog got started. Thanks to reality it continues with a rather sad story: