Montag, 11. Februar 2013

People along the way

Awad was plowing his olive grove, far away from the next village. His wife called him on the cell phone several times. He served us tea out of a kettle that was black from the charcoal fire he kept it on.

His son Osama pulled up fresh spring water from the well (behind him in the photo).


A teacher in El-Mughabir with his hookah. He got out a table into his garden where we could eat our picnic. He added soup, tea and fruits to the things we had brought  with us.

Gerd with Nedal, our guide and the picnic. No meal without hummus!

A family in Aqraba that gave us water and, while we were drinking the water gave us tea and, while drinking the tea brought out bread and cheese and olives and oil – a complete meal.

A bedouin boy that allowed us to take water from the tank that was used for the goats’ drinking troughs.

Water for goats and for men.

Mahmood (front) and Abdul Rahman on their donkey. Although "Rahman" means "mercy" they were absolutely merciless with that poor creature and used it rather as a Formula 1 racing car than as an animal.
Mohammad (left) and his friends in front of the Church of Jacob’s Well in Nablus. When we asked him the way to the Church he would escort us all the way, together with his friends. Like many others he and I became facebook-friends.

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